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I'm a writer who thinks visually.


I deliver compelling, must-read copy.


And attention-grabbing visual ideas to go with it.

COPY: Armor-piercing, laser guided Hellfire(R) missiles. Multi-purpose aerial rockets. And a Chain Gun cannon that can fire 1,200 rounds of high explosive ammunition.  The Apache is an attack helicopter so fearsome, enemies have surrendered to it on sight.  In Operation Desert Storm, Apaches executed a critical mission to destroy enemy early-warning radar.  Then captured hundreds of enemy troops waving white flags.  Get the AH-64 Apache.  And get the reaction you want.

COPY:   The cover of darkness has been the easiest way for enemy troops and tanks to move undetected.  Until now.  The AH-64 Apache uses advanced avionics to seek out, identify and lock onto targets from miles away.  Even in the dead of night.  In Operation Desert Storm, Apaches slipped deep behind enemy lines undetected to destroy early-warning radar - a mission critical to the success of the air war. And to saving Allied lives.  Proven maintainability.  And sustained reliablity rates as high as 90%.  Now more than ever, Apache owns the night.

Copy: From the jungles of Panama to the deserts of the Middle East, the Apache has proven itself in the harshest environments on earth. It was the first helicopter called to duty in the Persian Gulf, where it had the highest operational readiness rate of any U.S. aircraft And sustained reliability rates as high as 90%. The Apache's advanced target acquisition system gives it unparalleled fighting capabilities, even under the most brutal conditions. Because one of your worst enemies can be the environment.


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